How to eat Japanese Fujisu: Doctor explains the correct usage [How to eat for maintenance] and [How to eat for quick effect]

In view of the fact that most customers do not know how to use and consume Fujisu, although there are instructions on the instructions for Fujitsu, the instructions are relatively “official”. Today, the pharmacist from Linlin Pharmacy ( will explain it in detail to everyone . How to use Fujisu, the correct way to eat Japanese Fujisu !

Japanese Fujisu eating method teaching

There are two ways to use Japanese Fujisu. One is to take it for a long time as a nourishing and skin care product, and the other is to take one pill before sex. It is a quick-acting aphrodisiac similar to Viagra. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Qianqiu, the pharmacist will explain it to you below.

Daily maintenance method

Daily maintenance method: take one pill a day. The best effect is to take it on an empty stomach before meals. It can be used before breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no specific time. It is recommended to take one pill before going to bed every day. Many people like to buy vines as a daily skin care product, using it for a long time to gradually enhance their sexual performance.

Most of the users of Tensu are over 40 and 50 years old. As people get older, their body functions gradually decline, especially their sexual ability. By taking Tensu, one pill a day, you can gradually enhance your sexual ability. You can’t get hard in the first place. , those who have been unable to achieve an erection for a long time can return to an erection with a stronger hardness than before. The biggest highlight is that there will be no recurrence after stopping the drug. The premise is that you need to maintain a regular schedule and a healthy diet, and not overindulge. Doctors recommend that a healthy sex frequency is 2 to 3 times a week.

Quick way to aphrodisiac

How to use as a quick-acting aphrodisiac: Just like taking Viagra or Cialis, take one pill 30 minutes before you want to have sex. It is recommended to take the medicine on an empty stomach to help absorb the effect. When the effect of the medicine is exerted, you can easily achieve an erection and have long-lasting fighting power. It is not a problem to take one shot for 30 to 40 minutes. It is not soft after shooting, but still has fighting power!

There are 16 capsules in a jar of vines. If you take the medicine before sex, it is calculated based on the frequency of sexual intercourse twice a week. One jar of vinesine can be used for half a year, making it the first choice for cost-effectiveness. But if you want to pursue the ultimate and perfection, it is still recommended to use it every day and eat it every day, just like Cialis Daily Tablets.

Tips for buying vinesine

Currently, counterfeit medicines from Japan’s Fujitsu are emerging one after another in the market, and a large number of counterfeit medicines produced in mainland China have invaded the Taiwan market.

When purchasing Tengsu, you must remember to check the Tengsu National Authenticity Authentication System before using the medicine.

There are many online stores on the Internet, claiming to sell authentic vines, with unprecedented sales discounts, and there are also buy one get one free, buy two get two free, and buy as much as you buy and get as many as you want. Please do not buy this pseudo-medicine for cheap.

We are all people who are not short of money, and we are not short of the one thousand or two thousand yuan at all. What we want is genuine products, quality, and health!

From now on, when buying Japanese Fujisu, please look for the latest third generation anti-counterfeiting Fujisu from Kyoto Shiga Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and click on the link to purchase: Order Japanese Fujisu online

Pharmacist summary

The above is all about how to take Japanese Fujisu. I believe you will already know how to use the medicine after reading this. If you still don’t understand or have other medication problems

Linlin Pharmacy is the only official agent of Japanese Fujisu in Asia. Every jar of Fujisu sold is genuine Fujitsu. We will not fool you or deceive you.