Contraindications of Japanese vinesine: Detailed explanation of contraindications for medication, do not ignore the contraindications

Many male friends take aphrodisiac products to improve the quality of their sexual life. It has a good reputation and a popular product is Japanese Fujisu. Japanese Fujisu is a natural plant extract that is widely used to enhance male sexual desire. It is rich in active ingredients, which can promote the secretion of sex hormones, improve sexual desire and sexual function. Japanese Fujisu has been loved by the majority of male friends since its launch. They simply can’t put it down. Although Japanese Fujisu has a very good maintenance effect on male kidney function, there are also some taboos that the public needs to know more about. The following is about Japanese Fujisu Knowledge about vegetarian taboos

Japanese Fujisu Taboo

Medication contraindications refer to situations where certain drugs should not be used or should be used with caution in specific situations. These contraindications may be because the drug is potentially harmful to the patient’s condition, or because the patient’s medical condition is not suitable for use. And comply with the corresponding contraindications when using drugs. Only in this way can the effectiveness and safety of the drug be ensured and the best therapeutic effect can be achieved.

Do not take with nitrates

Some friends who suffer from sexual dysfunction also have heart disease and coronary artery disease. While using nitrate medicines to treat heart disease, please remember that you cannot take Japanese tengsu and other aphrodisiacs at the same time! To avoid enhancing the blood pressure lowering effect, vinesine cannot be taken together with nitrate drugs! The following groups of people should not use Japanese Fujisu:

  1. People with cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and hypotension;
  2. People who have had a stroke or myocardial infarction;
  3. People who are allergic to this drug;
  4. People who are taking nitroglycerin or nitrate drugs.

Do not swallow Teffatin tablets dry


Once the tablet reaches the stomach, it needs to be taken with more than 200cc of warm water; if the tablet is swallowed dry, it may cause neck swelling, difficulty swallowing, and esophageal ulcers due to drug residues.

Do not take with alcohol


  • Wine and alcoholic beverages: Do not drink alcohol for 2 hours before and after taking vines. In addition to affecting drug metabolism and efficacy, drinking alcohol may increase the adverse reactions of central nervous system depression, which is more serious than the side effects of aphrodisiacs alone. In severe cases, there may be fatal risks such as disturbance of consciousness and respiratory depression.
  • Milk, soy milk: Milk or soy milk is a drink rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, etc., which will affect the absorption of Japanese fusin.
  • Tea: Tea will affect the efficacy of alkaloids in liver medicine, so it is recommended not to mix it with tea when taking vinesine.

Do not store vines in the refrigerator

High humidity in the refrigerator may destroy the efficacy of vinesine. Unopened vines can be stored at will. If the packaging of vines has been opened, pay attention to the medicine when the lid is opened: the tablets should be protected from light, moisture and heat. Store in a cool, dry place without sunlight.

Precautions for Japanese Fujisu


Japanese Fujitsu is a drug that treats male sexual function, but you must consult your doctor before using it. Because the doctor will evaluate whether it is suitable to use Japanese Fujisu based on your health condition and personal needs, and provide the correct dosage and usage. During treatment, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions, do not exceed the recommended dosage, and always be aware of possible side effects. Remember, self-medication is very dangerous and should only be used correctly under the guidance of a doctor. Staying healthy is the most important thing, and respecting your doctor’s advice is the best way to stay safe. The following is what you need to pay attention to before taking Japanese Fujisu:

Dosage instructions

Based on each person’s physical condition and needs, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate dose of Japanese vinesine for you. Please be sure to use it correctly as recommended by your doctor, and do not adjust or exceed the recommended dosage.

Number of times taken


Before taking Japanese Fujitsu, your doctor will tell you how many times a day you should take Japanese Fujitsu, or as often as needed. Please be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and do not overdose or miss dosage times. Remember, using your medications correctly is crucial to staying healthy.

usage time


Your doctor may recommend that you use naponic acid at a fixed time to ensure its optimal effectiveness and safety. Remember to pay attention to the exact timing of dosing and try to be consistent. Don’t forget to check your doctor’s advice first so that the medicine can work best.

food restrictions


Some foods or drinks may interact with Japanese vinesine, affecting its absorption and effectiveness. Your doctor may remind you to avoid or limit your intake of certain foods, such as spicy and fried foods. Do not drink alcohol 1 hour before taking Tengsu. Please read your doctor’s dietary recommendations carefully and follow the instructions accordingly.

Physician reminder


Warm reminder: Do not abuse Nippon or any other drug on your own. Follow your doctor’s advice to ensure correct use and dosage and to avoid interactions with other medications. If you have any unusual side effects, you can contact the online pharmacist for consultation. In addition, maintaining good health habits and lifestyle is very important to maintain male sexual function and overall health. Medications are only part of the auxiliary treatment. Please maintain moderate exercise, a balanced diet, adequate rest and moderate stress management, which can help improve your overall health. Therefore, everyone. should pay attention to their body, follow the doctor’s advice, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.